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Dealing with Leaking Rain Bird DV Series Sprinkler Zone Valves

If you’ve noticed your lawn or garden areas staying a bit too soggy, or if water continuously drips from your sprinkler heads even when the system is supposed to be off, you might be dealing with leaking valves. Specifically, if you’re utilizing Rain Bird DV Series zone valves, this guide will help you address and […]

Are Sprinkler Rain Sensors Worth It?

In a world aiming for sustainability and efficiency, managing resources wisely is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. This brings us to a significant element in home irrigation systems: sprinkler rain sensors. With varying climates and the push towards conserving water, one might ponder the value of adding a rain sensor to their irrigation setup. […]

Rainbird vs. K-Rain Rotors: Efficiency and Water Conservation in Small Yards

Homeowners seeking to maintain lush lawns and thriving gardens recognize the importance of an efficient irrigation system. Those with small yards need a solution that ensures uniform coverage without water wastage. The two prominent names in the watering world are Rainbird and K-Rain, both offering rotors designed to meet various landscaping needs. This article will […]

SRC and SRC Plus Series Quick Program Instructions

The SRC and SRC Plus Series controllers are designed to be user-friendly and efficient for managing your watering needs. Here’s a quick guide to help you program your controller for both SRC and SRC Plus models. Basic Programming Steps Step 1: Set the Current Time and Date Turn the dial to `SET CURRENT DATE`. Use […]

Rain Bird EC Irrigation Controller User Manual

Introduction Welcome to your new Rain Bird EC Irrigation Controller. This user-friendly device is designed to provide reliable and economical solutions for your irrigation needs. By following this manual, you can ensure the proper setup and use of your irrigation controller to maintain your landscape effectively and efficiently. Safety Information Before operating the controller, read […]

How to Adjust A Rainbird Sprinkler Head

Adjusting a Rainbird Sprinkler head can help ensure your lawn or garden is evenly watered without wasting water on sidewalks or buildings. Whether you need to change the spray distance, the arc, or the direction of the water, here’s how you can make these adjustments with ease. Tools You May Need: Flathead screwdriver Rainbird adjustment […]

How to Program a Hunter Pro-C Controller: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Hunter Pro-C Controller is an irrigation controller widely used in landscaping for its reliability and ease of use. Programming the Hunter Pro-C Controller effectively can help maintain your garden or lawn while conserving water. In this guide, we will take you through the steps needed to set up and program your Hunter Pro-C Controller. […]