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Rain Bird EC Irrigation Controller User Manual


Welcome to your new Rain Bird EC Irrigation Controller. This user-friendly device is designed to provide reliable and economical solutions for your irrigation needs. By following this manual, you can ensure the proper setup and use of your irrigation controller to maintain your landscape effectively and efficiently.

Safety Information

Before operating the controller, read the following safety information:

    • Do not use the controller for any purpose other than controlling irrigation systems.
    • Before installation or maintenance work, make sure the power supply is turned off.
    • To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not expose the controller to water or operate in wet conditions.
    • Installation should only be performed by qualified personnel.

Product Overview

Your EC Irrigation Controller comes with a variety of features to effortlessly manage your watering schedule, such as:

    • Multiple programming options for versatile watering schedules.
    • Seasonal adjustments to conserve water.
    • Battery backup to save program during power outages.

Installation Guide

    • Choosing the Location: Install the controller in a location protected from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions.
    • Mounting the Controller: Secure the controller using the provided mounting screws.
    • Wiring: Connect the valve wires to the appropriate station terminals, and connect the common wire to the common terminal.
    • Power Supply: Plug in the transformer to a protected 110V AC outlet.
    • Turn On the Power: Energize the controller by switching on the power supply.

Programming Your Irrigation Schedule

    • Set Clock: Use the ‘Set Clock’ function to adjust to the current time.
    • Start Times: Input your preferred watering start times.
    • Run Times: Assign how long each zone is to be watered.
    • Days to Water: Decide which days of the week the schedule will run.
    • Seasonal Adjust: To make global run time adjustments for seasonal requirements.

Manual Operation

For manual watering:

    • Press the ‘Manual Start/Advance’ button to run an individual station or all stations.


Should you encounter any issues, refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual. Common problems include:

    • Display not working
    • Valves not activating
    • Inconsistent watering times

Compare your problem with the listed issues and follow the suggested solution.

Maintenance and Care

    • Keep the controller free from dust and debris.
    • Change the backup battery yearly.
    • Periodically review the programmed schedules to ensure they meet current landscape requirements.

Warranty and Customer Support

The Rain Bird EC Controller comes with a limited warranty. For warranty service or technical support, please contact Rain Bird Customer Service at 1-800-RAINBIRD.



Q: How do I reset my controller?

A: To reset your controller, locate the reset button and press it for a few seconds until the display indicates the controller has reset.

Q: What do I do if the display goes blank?

A: Check the power source and connections. Replace backup battery if needed.

For further questions or support, please consult the full user manual or contact customer service.


Note: This is a simplified version of a user manual. For comprehensive instructions and safety information, always refer to the specific user manual provided with your Rain Bird EC Irrigation Controller.


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