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SRC and SRC Plus Series Quick Program Instructions

The SRC and SRC Plus Series controllers are designed to be user-friendly and efficient for managing your watering needs. Here’s a quick guide to help you program your controller for both SRC and SRC Plus models.

Basic Programming Steps

Step 1: Set the Current Time and Date
  • Turn the dial to `SET CURRENT DATE`.
  • Use the `+` or `-` buttons to set the correct year.
  • Press `NEXT` to set the current month, then day.
  • Once the date is set, turn the dial to `SET CURRENT TIME`.
  • Adjust the hours and minutes using the `+` or `-` buttons.

Step 2: Select Start Times
  • Rotate the dial to `SET WATERING START TIMES`.
  • Choose a program (A, B, or C) by pressing the `NEXT` button.
  • For each program, you can set multiple start times using the `+` or `-` buttons.
  • Press `NEXT` to move between start time 1, 2, 3, etc.

Step 3: Set Watering Days
  • Move the dial to `SET DAYS TO WATER`.
  • Decide whether you want to water on specific days of the week or use interval watering.
  • For specific days, simply press the button corresponding to each day.
  • For interval watering, enter the desired number of days between watering using the `+` or `-` buttons.

Step 4: Set Station Run Times
  • Change the dial to `SET STATION RUN TIMES`.
  • Select a station with the `NEXT` button, then set the run time with the `+` or `-`.
  • Repeat this process for each station you wish to program.

Step 5: Review the Program
  • Turn the dial to `RUN TIMES` to review each station’s settings.
  • Adjust any station run times as needed.

Step 6: Manual Operation (Optional)
  • To manually start a station, turn the dial to `MANUAL SINGLE STATION` or `MANUAL ALL STATIONS`.
  • Choose the station and run time, then press the `MANUAL START/STOP` button to begin.

Step 7: Set Rain Delay (Optional)
  • For rainy days or when watering is not needed, set a rain delay by turning the dial to `RAIN DELAY`.
  • Use the `+` or `-` buttons to set the number of days.
  • The schedule will automatically resume after the set delay period.

Step 8: Returning to Automatic Operation
  • Ensure the dial is turned back to the `AUTO RUN` position for the controller to follow the set program.


Remember to check the owner’s manual for detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips for your specific SRC or SRC Plus series model. Programming can vary slightly based on the controller’s version and features.


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