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How to Program a Hunter Pro-C Controller: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Hunter Pro-C Controller is an irrigation controller widely used in landscaping for its reliability and ease of use. Programming the Hunter Pro-C Controller effectively can help maintain your garden or lawn while conserving water. In this guide, we will take you through the steps needed to set up and program your Hunter Pro-C Controller.

Initial Setup

Before programming your controller, ensure it is installed correctly and connected to the power supply and irrigation valves.

Setting the Current Time and Date

  • Power Up: Turn the dial to the `SET CURRENT DATE AND TIME` position.
  • Set Year: Use the `+` or `-` buttons to adjust the year.
  • Set Month and Day: Press the `right arrow` button and adjust using the `+` or `-` buttons.
  • Set Time: Press the `right arrow` button again to proceed to the time setting and use the `+` or `-` buttons to set the current time.
  • Finish: Once the date and time are set, return the dial to the `RUN` position.

Creating a Watering Schedule

Programming a schedule is all about setting the start times, station run times, and watering days.

Setting Program Start Times

You can set multiple start times if you need your system to cycle more than once per day.

  • Turn the dial to the `START TIMES` position.
  • Use the `left` or `right arrow` buttons to select the program (A, B, or C).
  • Adjust the first start time using the `+` or `-` buttons.
  • For additional start times, press the right arrow button and repeat step 3.
  • After setting the start times, return the dial to the `RUN` position.

Setting Station Run Times

Decide how long each station will run during a cycle.

  • Turn the dial to the `RUN TIMES` position.
  • Select the desired station using the `left` or `right arrow` buttons.
  • Adjust the run time for the chosen station using the `+` or `-` buttons.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each station you want to program.
  • Return the dial to the `RUN` position once completed.

Setting Watering Days

You can choose specific days of the week, odd/even day watering, or interval watering.

  • Turn the dial to the `WATER DAYS` position.
  • Press the `left` or `right arrow` buttons to choose the program you’re setting the days for (A, B, or C).
  • Use the `+` or `-` buttons to set the specific days of the week or choose odd/even or interval watering.
  • After setting the watering days, turn the dial back to the `RUN` position.

Manual Operation

To manually start or test a station:

  • Turn the dial to the `MANUAL – SINGLE STATION` position.
  • Select the station you want to run using the `left` or `right arrow` buttons.
  • Use the `+` or `-` buttons to set the run time.
  • Press the `right arrow` button until the display shows `ALL STATIONS`, then the plus or minus button to start the manual operation.
  • The controller will automatically exit manual mode after running the set time.

Seasonal Adjustment

The seasonal adjustment feature allows you to increase or decrease watering duration for all stations in a program, which is especially useful for seasonal changes.

  • Turn the dial to the `SEASONAL ADJUSTMENT` position.
  • Use the `+` or `-` buttons to adjust the percentage (0-150%) for the program’s run time.
  • Return the dial to the `RUN` position to apply the changes.


If you experience issues or have errors displayed:

  • Verify if the wiring is intact and correctly connected to the valves.
  • Reset the controller by removing the battery and unplugging it for a few seconds.
  • Consult the Hunter Pro-C Controller manual for specific error messages and troubleshooting tips.


Programming your Hunter Pro-C Controller is a straightforward process that can lead to an efficient irrigation system. Regularly monitor the system to ensure the settings are optimal and make adjustments as needed for weather changes or specific plant requirements. With your Hunter Pro-C, your garden will be healthy and vibrant while you save water and time.


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