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Sprinkler System Pre-Fertilization Checklist

Before applying fertilizer to your lawn or garden, it’s crucial to ensure your sprinkler system is functioning properly. Follow this maintenance checklist to avoid uneven fertilizer distribution and to promote healthy plant growth.

Sprinkler System Operational Check

1. Visual Inspection:
  • Inspect for any visible signs of damage to sprinkler heads or pipes.
  • Check for clogged nozzles and clean them if necessary.
2. Manual Test Run:
  • Turn on each zone manually to observe water coverage and sprinkler head operation.
  • Look for heads that do not pop up or rotate as they should.
3. Pressure Check:
  • Monitor the water pressure. Low pressure could indicate a leak or blockage in the system.
4. Controller Settings Review:
  • Ensure the timer/controller is set to water the lawn at optimal times for water absorption and fertilizer uptake.
5. Coverage Area Verification:
  • Make sure each area of your lawn receives adequate water by checking the range and angle of the sprinklers.
6. Leak Detection:
  • Check for wet spots or pooling water around the sprinkler heads which may suggest leaks.
7. System Update Needs:
  • Consider whether any updates or upgrades are needed to improve the efficiency of your sprinkler system.

Post-Maintenance Actions

  • Repair and Replace:

Fix or replace any faulty components discovered during the maintenance check.

  • Schedule Regular Checks:

After ensuring the system is operational, schedule regular maintenance checks throughout the watering season.

  • Fertilizer Application:

Once your sprinkler system is verified to be in good working order, you can proceed with fertilizer application.


By following this maintenance checklist, you can provide your plants with the consistent moisture they need to process and benefit from the fertilizer, leading to a vibrant and healthy landscape. Remember that the best practice is to conduct sprinkler system checks periodically, not just before fertilizing, to maintain an efficient and effective watering system.


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