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Preparing for New Sod: Essential Sprinkler System Checks

Laying new sod is an excellent way to revitalize your lawn and landscape. But, before you begin, ensuring that your sprinkler system is in top shape is crucial to providing your fresh sod with the consistent moisture it needs to establish strong roots. Below are the steps to inspect and prepare your sprinkler system.

Step 1: Visual Inspection

  • Inspect Sprinkler Heads: Look for damaged or obstructed sprinkler heads. Remove dirt, grass clippings, or any debris that may be clogging them.
  • Check for Leaks: Keep an eye out for damp areas or small pools of water when the system is off, which may indicate leaks.

Step 2: Manual Test

  • Activate Each Zone Manually: Run each zone separately from your sprinkler system control panel. This allows you to assess individual areas for issues.
  • Observe Water Pressure: Ensure that each sprinkler head has consistent water pressure. Low pressure might mean a leak or blockage in the system.

Step 3: Check Coverage

  • Observe Spray Patterns: Each sprinkler head should provide full coverage to its designated area. Adjust any heads that are misaligned or not spraying the correct distance.
  • Identify Dry Spots: Make note of areas that aren’t receiving enough water. You may need to adjust the angle or position of nearby sprinkler heads.

Step 4: System Assessment

  • Test the Controller: Confirm that the sprinkler system’s controller is functioning correctly and that the settings are appropriate for the needs of new sod.
  • Evaluate Timing and Duration: Adjust the watering schedule to ensure new sod receives adequate water without creating runoff or overwatering.

Step 5: Maintenance

  • Replace or Repair Damaged Parts: Any broken sprinkler heads, valves, or pipes should be replaced or repaired before laying new sod.
  • Clean Sprinkler Heads: If heads are dirty but not damaged, disassemble and clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 6: Final Check

  • Conduct a Final Walkthrough: After making all necessary adjustments and repairs, run the system one more time to make sure everything is in proper working order.


A well-prepared sprinkler system will give your new sod the best chance to thrive. By conducting these comprehensive checks, you’ll provide a strong foundation for a lush, green lawn. Once the system is verified to be in good condition, you can proceed with laying the new sod. Remember, regular maintenance on your sprinkler system is key to keeping your lawn healthy year-round.


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