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2024 Water Restrictions for Weatherford, TX

Attention Weatherford Residents:

Due to ongoing drought conditions and to ensure a sustainable water supply for our community, Weatherford, TX, is implementing mandatory water restrictions for 2024. Your cooperation is crucial in preserving our water resources. Below are the details of the restrictions:

Effective Date

The water restrictions will be in effect from January 1, 2024, until further notice.

Key Restrictions

Outdoor Watering

  • Allowed Days: Outdoor watering is only permitted on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • Watering Hours: Watering is only allowed between 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.
  • Hand-Watering: Hand-watering with a hose equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle is allowed at any time.

Prohibited Activities

  • Irrigation Systems: The use of automatic irrigation systems or sprinklers is prohibited outside the designated watering days and hours.
  • Washing Vehicles: Washing of vehicles at home is not allowed. Please use commercial car washes that recycle water.
  • Filling Pools: Filling new swimming pools or refilling existing ones is prohibited. Only topping off for maintenance is allowed.


  • New Landscaping: Newly installed lawns and landscaping can be watered daily for up to 30 days after installation, but only during the permitted hours.
  • Public Health and Safety: Activities that are necessary for public health and safety, such as firefighting and flushing of water lines, are exempt from these restrictions.


Non-compliance with these restrictions may result in fines and penalties. Our goal is to ensure that everyone adheres to these measures so that we can collectively conserve our water resources.

How You Can Help

  • Fix Leaks: Check for and repair any leaks in plumbing and irrigation systems.
  • Use Mulch: Apply mulch around plants to reduce evaporation and retain soil moisture.
  • Shorter Showers: Reduce your shower time and install water-saving showerheads.
  • Efficient Appliances: Use water-efficient appliances and fixtures to reduce indoor water use.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on water restriction news and tips by visiting our city’s website Weatherford Water Department or following us on social media.

Your cooperation and proactive efforts are essential in making these water restrictions effective. Together, we can ensure a sustainable water future for Weatherford.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

City of Weatherford Water Department