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Why Does My Sprinkler System Run Twice?

Experiencing your sprinkler system running twice can be puzzling and may lead to excessive water usage and increased bills. Several reasons might explain why you’re noticing double cycles from your irrigation setup.

Potential Reasons for Double Cycling

1. Sprinkler Controller Program Overlap

Programming errors are the most common culprits. It’s possible that two different programs are set to run, each with their own start times. This means the system might finish its cycle on the first program and then begin again under another.

2. Sprinkler Sensor Malfunctions

Malfunctioning sensors, particularly rain sensors, can cause erratic behavior. If the sensor fails to detect rain properly, it may allow the system to operate as if in normal conditions, resulting in an unnecessary second run.

3. Sprinkler Valve Issues

Valve leaks or malfunctions can cause a system to restart. A faulty valve might not fully close after a cycle, causing the system to continue running or reinitiate soon after the initial operation ends.

4. Controller Faults in Sprinkler Controller

A defective controller or timer can lead to unexpected behavior, including repeated cycles. This could be due to electrical issues or glitches within the controller’s software.

5. Water Pressure Fluctuations

Water pressure inconsistencies can trigger a second run. If the water pressure is too low during the first cycle, the system might not cover the intended area and could start a second cycle in an attempt to compensate.

Troubleshooting Steps

Here’s what you can do to identify and fix the issue of your sprinkler system running twice:

Check Programs and Settings
  • Revisit the control panel settings. Make sure there’s only one program set to run at the desired times.
  • Reset the start and end times to ensure there is no overlap or multiple cycles accidentally set.

Inspect Sensors
  • Test and clean your rain sensor to make sure it’s operating correctly.
  • Make sure the sensor is installed in a location where it can accurately measure rainfall and is not obstructed by debris or foliage.

Valve Inspection and Repair
  • Examine the valves for signs of leakage or damage. Look for moist spots around the valve box which can indicate a leak.
  • Clean or replace any faulty valves to prevent unintended cycling.

Controller Diagnostic
  • Perform a system reset on your controller to clear any programming errors.
  • If a reset doesn’t solve the problem, consult the user’s manual or manufacturer support for further diagnostics.

Monitor Water Pressure
  • Use a water pressure gauge to check if your system’s pressure is within the recommended range.
  • Contact your water provider to report and discuss any possible pressure issues.


The best approach to dealing with a sprinkler system running twice is to methodically eliminate possible causes. If you’re unable to rectify the problem on your own, it may be time to call in a professional irrigation technician. Regular maintenance and checks can prevent future occurrences and help maintain an efficient and cost-effective irrigation system.


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