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2024 Water Restrictions for City of Dallas

As we approach the new year, it’s important for residents of Dallas to be aware of the updated water restrictions that will be in effect for 2024. These measures are designed to conserve water, ensure sustainability, and support our community’s long-term water needs. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate these restrictions: Outdoor Watering […]

2024 Water Restrictions for the City of Carrollton

Introduction As we aim to promote sustainable water usage and ensure a reliable water supply for all residents, the City of Carrollton is implementing water restrictions effective January 1, 2024. These measures are essential to manage our water resources responsibly, especially during periods of drought or high demand. Watering Schedule Outdoor watering with sprinklers and […]

2024 Water Restrictions for the City of Fort Worth

Overview Starting in 2024, the City of Fort Worth will enforce year-round water restrictions to ensure the sustainable use of our precious water resources. These measures are designed to promote conservation and efficient water use, especially during peak demand periods. Key Restrictions Outdoor Watering Permitted Days: Residents and businesses are allowed to water their landscapes […]

2024 Water Restrictions for the City of Frisco

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable water management and conservation, the City of Frisco is implementing new water restrictions for 2024. These measures aim to ensure the efficient use of water resources and to safeguard the environment for future generations. Please take note of the following guidelines and adhere to them strictly. Outdoor […]

2024 Water Restrictions for the City of McKinney

As part of our ongoing efforts to conserve water and ensure a sustainable supply for all residents, the City of McKinney has implemented the following water restrictions for 2024. Please review these guidelines carefully and adjust your water usage accordingly to help us protect this vital resource. Watering Schedule Lawn and Landscape Irrigation Residential Properties: […]

How to Bleed Air Out of a Sprinkler System

Air trapped in the pipes of a sprinkler system can cause a myriad of problems, ranging from noisy operation and erratic sprinkler performance to damaged components. Bleeding air out of your sprinkler system is a straightforward process that can prevent these issues and prolong the life of your irrigation system. Here’s how to do it: […]

How Far Can You Run Sprinkler Valve Wire?

When planning the installation of a sprinkler system, determining the maximum length you can run the irrigation control wire is crucial for ensuring reliable communication between the sprinkler valves and the controller. The distance you can run this type of wire effectively depends on several factors, including the wire gauge (thickness), voltage drop, and the […]

Debunking Watering Misconceptions: The Fine Line of Hydration

Watering plants seems straightforward enough—just give them water, and they’ll grow, right? However, this oversimplified approach harbors misconceptions that can lead to less-than-thriving gardens and even plant fatalities. The common adage “more water equals happier plants” is not only misleading but can also exacerbate issues in both lush and arid locales. Here’s a deep dive […]

Backflow Prevention for Reclaimed Water Customers

Reclaimed water customers play a critical role in the sustainable management of water resources by utilizing treated wastewater for non-potable purposes like irrigation, industrial processes, and toilet flushing. However, protecting the public water supply from the potential contamination that can occur due to backflow is paramount for health and environmental safety. Understanding and implementing backflow prevention measures […]

How Do I Identify My Sprinkler Valve?

Identifying your sprinkler valve is essential for maintenance, troubleshooting, and ensuring the optimal performance of your irrigation system. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you identify your sprinkler valve: 1. Locate Your Valve Box First, you need to locate the valve box, which is typically buried in the ground near your home’s main water […]