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2024 Water Restrictions in Allen, TX

As climate conditions continue to challenge our water supply, the City of Allen, TX is implementing new water restrictions for 2024. These measures are designed to ensure sustainable water use and help preserve this vital resource for future generations. Below, you’ll find detailed information about the water restrictions, including what activities are impacted and how you can adapt.

Key Water Restrictions

Starting January 1, 2024, the following restrictions will be in place:

1. Lawn and Landscape Watering:

  • Allowed Watering Days: Residents with even-numbered addresses can water their lawns on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Odd-numbered addresses can water on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Prohibited Hours: Watering is not allowed between 10 AM and 6 PM to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Handheld Watering: Watering with a handheld hose, drip irrigation, or soaker hoses is permitted any day, but only before 10 AM or after 6 PM.

2. Car Washing:

  • At Home: Washing vehicles at home is restricted to the same days as lawn watering (Wednesdays and Saturdays for even-numbered addresses, Thursdays and Sundays for odd-numbered). Use a bucket or a handheld hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle.
  • Commercial Car Washes: No restrictions apply, but using car washes that recycle water is highly encouraged.

3. Pools and Spas:

  • Filling: Initial filling of new pools or refilling existing pools is only allowed on designated watering days.
  • Maintenance: Normal maintenance, such as backwashing, is allowed but should be done efficiently to minimize water waste.

4. Decorative Fountains:

  • Operation: Decorative fountains must use recirculated water. Outdoor fountains should be turned off unless they are essential for supporting aquatic life.

5. New Landscaping:

  • Installation: New landscape installations are discouraged during peak drought conditions. If necessary, new plants and sod can receive daily watering during their first 30 days, but only before 10 AM and after 6 PM.

Enforcement and Penalties

Compliance with these water restrictions is mandatory. The City of Allen will actively monitor water usage and enforce regulations. Violations may result in fines:

  • First Violation: Written warning.
  • Second Violation: $50 fine.
  • Third and Subsequent Violations: $200 fine per occurrence.

Conservation Tips

To help residents adapt to these restrictions, here are some water-saving tips:

  • Install Smart Irrigation Controllers: These devices adjust watering schedules based on weather conditions.
  • Use Mulch: Mulching around plants and trees helps retain soil moisture.
  • Fix Leaks: Regularly inspect and repair any leaks in your irrigation system and household plumbing.
  • Choose Native Plants: Native and drought-resistant plants require less water and are more sustainable.

Get Involved

The City of Allen encourages all residents to participate in water conservation programs and workshops. By working together, we can significantly reduce our water usage and ensure a reliable water supply for everyone.

For more information and updates on water restrictions, visit the City of Allen’s official website or contact the Water Conservation Office.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to preserving our water resources.

City of Allen Water Conservation Office


Let’s work together to make 2024 a year of water wisdom and sustainability!