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Enhancing the Range of Your Rotary Sprinkler

Are you looking to extend the coverage of your rotary sprinklers to ensure every inch of your Bermuda sod receives adequate hydration? Increasing the range of your sprinklers isn’t just about maximizing water distribution; it’s about nurturing a lush, vibrant lawn. Here’s how you can adjust your current setup and water pressure to get the most out of your irrigation system.

1. Evaluate Your Water Pressure

The efficiency of rotary sprinklers heavily relies on the water pressure. If the pressure is too low, your sprinklers won’t be able to reach their maximum range, leaving parts of your Bermuda sod thirsty for more. Conversely, too high a pressure can lead to water wastage, increased system wear, and uneven distribution.

  • Measure Your Current Water Pressure: Use a water pressure gauge to measure the pressure at the location of your sprinkler. This will give you a baseline understanding of where you stand. Typically, rotary sprinklers operate best between 30 to 50 psi.
  • Adjust Water Pressure: If your pressure is outside the ideal range, consider installing a pressure regulator to increase or reduce the pressure according to your needs. Regulating the water pressure can significantly improve the range and efficiency of your sprinklers.

2. Check and Clean Sprinkler Heads

Over time, dirt, grass, and debris can clog the nozzles of your rotary sprinkler heads, reducing both water flow and range. Regular maintenance is crucial.

  • Clean the Nozzles: Turn off the system and carefully clean the nozzles with a small wire or brush. Be gentle to avoid damaging them.
  • Inspect for Wear and Tear: Look for any signs of wear or damage on the sprinkler heads. Replacing any damaged parts can help restore proper functionality and range.

3. Optimize Sprinkler Placement

Sometimes, the placement of the sprinkler heads can affect their range and coverage. Ideally, rotary sprinklers should be placed so that the water from one sprinkler reaches the adjacent one – a concept known as “head-to-head coverage.”

  • Reevaluate Sprinkler Layout: Consider the layout of your current sprinkler system. Adjust the placement of sprinkler heads to ensure overlap in coverage, which helps eliminate dry spots and maximizes the range.

4. Upgrade Your Sprinkler Heads

If your system is older, your sprinkler heads may not be as efficient as newer models. Technology in irrigation systems has advanced, potentially offering better range and water distribution.

  • Consider Newer Models: Explore the latest rotary sprinkler heads designed for better efficiency and longer range. Look for models specifically suited for Bermuda sod and your yard’s specific dimensions.

5. Water at Optimal Times

While not directly related to mechanical adjustments, watering at the right time can help ensure your lawn gets the most out of each drop:

  • Early Morning Watering: Watering in the early morning reduces water evaporation and wind interference, which can affect the sprinkler’s range and distribution.


By assessing and adjusting your water pressure, maintaining your sprinkler heads, optimizing the layout, considering upgrades, and watering strategically, you can significantly increase the range of your rotary sprinklers. These changes can lead to a more efficiently watered Bermuda sod, promoting a healthier and more vibrant lawn.


If you have any questions or need any type of sprinkler system repair, the experts at Mr Sprinkler Repair will be glad to help. Give us a call or 855-695-1000 to set an appointment.