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2024 Water Restrictions for Grand Prairie, TX

In response to ongoing drought conditions and to ensure the responsible use of water resources, the City of Grand Prairie, TX, has implemented the following water restrictions for 2024. These measures are aimed at conserving water and maintaining a sustainable supply for all residents.

Outdoor Water Use Restrictions

Lawn and Landscape Watering

  • Allowed Watering Days: Residents are permitted to water their lawns and landscapes twice a week based on the last digit of their house number.
  • Odd-numbered addresses: Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Even-numbered addresses: Thursdays and Sundays
  • Prohibited Watering Hours: No watering is allowed between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM to minimize evaporation losses.
  • Watering Methods:
  • Handheld hoses with automatic shutoff nozzles, soaker hoses, and drip irrigation systems are allowed any time and on any day.
  • Sprinkler systems and hose-end sprinklers are restricted to the allowed watering days and times.

New Landscaping

  • Exemption: Newly installed lawns and landscaping may be watered daily for the first 30 days after installation.
  • Notification: Residents must notify the city’s water department of new installations to receive this exemption.

Vehicle Washing

  • Residential: Washing vehicles at home is permitted with a handheld hose equipped with an automatic shutoff nozzle.
  • Commercial Car Washes: No restrictions; however, residents are encouraged to use facilities that recycle water.

Swimming Pools and Water Features

  • Filling and Refilling: Filling new swimming pools or refilling existing pools is limited to the allowed watering days.
  • Ornamental Fountains: Use of decorative water features is prohibited unless they recycle water.

Enforcement and Penalties

Failure to comply with these water restrictions may result in fines and penalties. The city will conduct regular patrols to ensure adherence to the regulations.

  • First Violation: Warning notice
  • Second Violation: $50 fine
  • Subsequent Violations: Fines increase incrementally by $50 for each additional violation.

Tips for Water Conservation

  • Inspect and Repair Leaks: Regularly check for and repair any leaks in your irrigation system and plumbing.
  • Mulching: Apply mulch around plants and trees to retain moisture.
  • Drought-Tolerant Plants: Consider xeriscaping with drought-resistant plants.
  • Rain Barrels: Install rain barrels to collect rainwater for landscape irrigation.

Contact Information

For questions or to report violations, please contact the City of Grand Prairie Water Department at:

  • Phone972-237-8400
  • Emailwaterdispatch@gptx.org


By adhering to these restrictions, we can all contribute to the conservation of our precious water resources and ensure a sustainable future for Grand Prairie. Thank you for your cooperation.