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Irrigation Repair Service

Your sprinkler system broke?
Tired of watering the lawn by hand?
Weary of dodging the puddles?

Mr Sprinkler Repair is your answer. Let us dispense with the smooth talk and get to the point. You need a trained and skilled technician to fix your wayward sprinkler system. At Mr Sprinkler Repair, our personnel are licensed to diagnose the issue and professionally repair the problem, whether it be a commercial or residential sprinkler system.

Irrigation Installation

Installing an irrigation system will give you a green lawn and garden, even in dry weather conditions. We design, install and service irrigation systems. We evaluate your needs and install an efficient water distribution & conservation system. We use high-quality systems from renowned brands, carefully installed by highly qualified professionals. Call Mr Sprinkler Repair now for your Sprinkler Installation needs.

Total customer satisfaction is our goal.

From your initial call to our office to the helpful service from our technicians, we work hard to ensure that your entire experience is positive.

Water Drainage Systems

Is your lack of drainage ruining your property?

  • Grass dying in wet spots
  • Mosquito breeding grounds
  • Foundation saturation causing your house to shift
  • Pets tearing up ground, making yard unsightly
  • Having to wash pets everytime you bring them in the house

With more than 17 years of expertise in all types of drainage solutions including French drains, channel drains and surface drains for residential, multi-family housing, and commercial customers.

Landscape Lighting

Quality Landscape Lighting Installation – we take our design and  and only compliment it with a quality installation.  We make sure we build a system that will meet all your needs and function for years to come. Once your system is installed we will provide reliable maintenance and service as needed.

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