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    Austin Sprinkler Repair

    If you’re looking for Austin sprinkler repair, you’ve come to the right place! We offer top-notch repair services for all makes and models of sprinklers. No matter what’s wrong with your system, we can fix it.

    We have a team of experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right, and we’re always here to help. We understand how important it is to have a working sprinkler system, so we’ll do everything we can to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. If you’re in need of Austin sprinkler repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll be happy to help.

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    Mr Sprinkler Repair Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

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    Good job!

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78729 30.465-97.765

    The Mr. Sprinkler Repair team showed up a few minutes early (much to my surprise), and Mike had a company shirt on (easy to identify), gave me a warm, professional greeting and asked a number of questions to bring focus to their efforts. Tested every station and noted the issues. Provided an estimate for review and it was reasonable. They did everything they said they would and completed the job in about an hour even though they had to run and get a part that they don't carry. Good experience with good people

    Map of Austin, TX 78717

    Great Service

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78717 30.4875-97.7275

    I was very impressed with the explanation of service, and how polite Juan was. Thank you

    Map of Austin, TX 78748

    Great Service

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78748 30.17-97.835

    Awesome experience!

    Map of Austin, TX 78728

    Fantastic and Thorough

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78728 30.45-97.6825

    Map of Austin, TX 78750

    Well Done

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78750 30.455-97.825

    All 3 of my issues were corrected by the team.

    Map of Austin, TX 78717

    Great patience and excellent service

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78717 30.5025-97.74

    Tough job that was resolved

    Map of Austin, TX 78717

    Excelente and honest person

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78717 30.495-97.7625

    Excellent service

    Map of Austin, TX 78759

    "Great Service, Awesome Price!"

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78759 30.43-97.7575

    Does Great Service and quality work

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    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78753 30.37-97.6925

    Marco and th crew did it a good job

    Map of Austin, TX 78731

    Very happy with service

    Review of Mr Sprinkler Repair
    AustinTX78731 30.3125-97.75

    Richard did a great job, fixed multiple sprinkler heads under a river rock pathway and left our rock pathway looking as good as the day we installed it.

    Austin Residential Sprinkler Repair Services

    You return home one evening from a wonderful day at the Austin Zoo to find a small lake in the middle of your lawn – apparently, your sprinkler system has a huge leak or some fixture has broken. Don’t panic… simply turn off the water to the system and call your local Austin Sprinkler Repair.

    Offering service that is unmatched in the industry, it is our passion to render quality service by tackling those troublesome sprinkler and irrigation issues for you.

    In addition to our sprinkler repair services, we also specialize in sprinkler system tune-ups, sprinkler system maintenance, sprinkler system reroutes or area additions, rain/freeze climate sensor additions, and much more! Some additional services include:

    ▪Sprinkler control box replacement and repair
    ▪Fix or replace broken or leaking sprinkler heads or valves
    ▪Clean and repair clogged nozzlesAustin Sprinkler Repair
    ▪Replace and repair damaged or faulty wires
    ▪Repair or replace broken pipes
    ▪Cap off sprinkler heads as needed
    ▪Adjust poor spray patterns to prevent wasted water
    ▪Wire/valve relocation

    If you have a sprinkler system problem, our skilled irrigation specialists can either fix or replace it. We only use quality products for our sprinkler system repairs, ensuring your satisfaction.

    Better Residential Sprinkler Repair

    Austin Sprinkler Repair has offered superb residential sprinkler repair services.
    Every homeowner who invested in a sprinkler system knows the value to the health and beauty of their yard. They also know eventually repairs are required as well. Equipment ages, breaks, leaks form from cracks in piping, or how easy it is to cut the grass and clip a sprinkler head.

    Our full crew is ready and waiting to tackle any sprinkler repair you may present. As our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and training, we make repairs look easy. One call to Austin Sprinkler Repair and your landscape will be fixed to flourish!

    Austin Commercial Sprinkler Repair

    Every business owner knows any commercial property with a pristine landscape, sets the first impression of customer or future tenant alike.
    Any number of simple maintenance issues could jeopardize that first good impression. But a call to Austin Sprinkler Repair will set us in motion, to fix that wayward sprinkler system, and restore your lawn to lustrous health. First impressions are simple to ensure, so hard to repair.

    To Austin Sprinkler Repair, your local business is our local business, so let us ensure your property’s sprinkler system is functioning correctly. (Call us to fix the problem while we suggest you take a break at our town’s treasure Texas State Capital, or plan an outing at  the Museum and learn )

    The Highest Service

    Austin Sprinkler Repair promotes its business on providing premium sprinkler repair throughout the Austin area for homeowners and commercial property owners. Our reputation precedes us for being passionate at delivering high-quality service, taking that extra step to prevent potential problems, and all at affordable pricing. Scheduling a licensed technician is easy and our team works efficiently to resolve your problem as timely as possible.

    Typical Irrigation Problems in Austin:

    ▪Sprinkler spray heads are set down, not spraying above the grass line.
    ▪Sprinkler spray heads are spraying areas that don’t need water.
    ▪Zone valves are leaking or not closing properly, leaving water build-up around the spray heads or rotor heads.Austin Commercial Sprinkler Repair
    ▪Zone valves that are old and don’t turn on or don’t shut off.
    ▪Controller box or timer does not work properly because of poor wiring, a bad battery, or a faulty zone valve.
    ▪PVC pipes cracking or bursting underground.

    If you suspect a leak or some other issue, call us right away. We will come to inspect your system, locate the source of the problem, and fix it quickly. Put our specialists at Austin Sprinkler Repair to work for you, and get the resolution done the right way.

    Austin Drainage System Installation

    Landscape Drainage Repairs And Lawn Drainage Systems

    Drainage appears simple at first, but in most cases, a DIY project is not recommended. A professionally installed drainage system carries many advantages due to our experience in the business. Heavy or extended rainfall can easily lead to flooding, possibly endangering your home’s foundation, creating areas of standing water, or soil erosion.

    Austin Sprinkler Repair specializes in designing or correcting drainage systems, to help homeowners prevent flooding and water damage to lawn and home. Only an experienced technician should design and install a drainage system.

    A professionally designed drainage system provides the following advantages:

    ▪Prevents soil erosion in and around your home’s foundation
    ▪Prevents standing water which causes slippery surfacesAustin Drainage
    ▪Prevents mosquito infestation
    ▪Protects plants and trees, helping them thrive
    ▪Prevents your landscape from drowning

    At Austin Sprinkler Repair, we consider every part and piece of the system, working as a whole, to give you a functioning drainage system based on science. With that approach, we can correct any drainage issue you may have.

    No matter the style or type of drain, or some combination, we can determine the problem, discuss the best solutions, and professionally install your yard drainage system.

    We will provide you with a detailed explanation of your drainage problem, along with an estimate, so that you know exactly what we will be implementing, and the cost involved.

    ▪Drainage Services
    ▪French Drains
    ▪Channel Drains and Grates
    ▪Yard Drainage Systems
    ▪Premium Drainage Systems

    Austin  Sprinkler Repair is completely upfront about pricing. For our drainage services, we will provide you with a quote and ensure you understand our pricing structure. We are all Austin based businesses, and we believe in being honest with our community!

    Austin Landscape & Lawn Lighting

    Landscape Lighting
    Outdoor Lighting for Beauty and Safety

    When you spend time in the yard, you will need adequate outdoor lighting to illuminate and enjoy your landscape. If you are entertaining family and friends in the evening, then exquisite lighting is preferred.

    Whether you’re relaxing outside on your patio, around a pool, in a garden or you want to spotlight your favorite trees, shrubs, or unique landscaping, the right outdoor lighting can make all the difference, by adding to or accenting the beauty of your home.

    A deck or patio need not be neglected after dark with outdoor lighting. After a long day at work, the soft ambiance of light on a deck, patio or pool is rather relaxing, wouldn’t you agree? Be sure to install LED yard lighting, which is less likely to attract mosquitoes than incandescent lights.

    From the home entrance to the sides and the backyard, adequate lighting for safety and security is a must in this day and age. Since evenings are prime time for summer entertaining, lighting is an essential safety measure, so guests can avoid potential dangers such as stairs, walkways, pools, and other tripping hazards. Simply stated, lights provide a safer outdoor living area. A well-lit exterior is a psychological deterrent to burglars and that bad element alike. Again, lights provide a safer outdoor living experience.

    And finally, outdoor lighting enhances the appeal, beauty, and value of your home. Everyone notices a house accented in elegant light, come nighttime. It renders the home like a piece of art, don’t you think?

    Remember the Benefits of Lighting:
    ▪SecurityAustin Landscape Lighting
    ▪Improved value of the property
    ▪Enhances beauty
    ▪Improves outside living

    Austin Sprinkler Repair will start the process by walking the property with you, detailing all the landscape features and areas that need proper lighting. Our estimate is free and we have a variety of high quality lighting fixtures to choose from. Rest assured, our professional team of technicians are trained in the product specifications for all of the fixtures we supply, including all electrical installation techniques. As such, we adhere to all the safety compliance standards for both residential and commercial lighting design. Once installed, we offer Service Checkups to ensure everything is working correctly.

    Regardless of the purpose, there are multiple positive benefits to having outdoor lighting. From implementing safety and security to adding style and beauty, outdoor lighting offers both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home. Call our lighting design experts, and we’ll meet with you to determine which outdoor lighting products will best meet your needs and help transform your yard into a beautiful, secure place.

    Remember Austin Sprinkler Repair…

    Section 1903.001. Definitions.

    (1) “Commission” means the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

    (2) “Council” means the Texas Irrigator Advisory Council.

    (3) “Executive Director” means the executive director of the commission.

    (4) “Irrigation system” means an assembly of component parts permanently installed for the controlled distribution and conservation of water to irrigate landscape vegetation, reduce dust, or control erosion. The term does not include a system used on or by an agricultural operation as defined by Section 251.002, Agricultural Code.

    (5) “Person” means an individual.

    Added by Acts 2001, 77th Leg.,  ch. 1421, Sec. 4, effective June 1, 2003, Amended by acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch 1276, Sec. 14A.434(a), effective September 1, 2003

    Providing appropriate definitions of the terms used in the rules and regulations provides the understanding and avoids confusion.

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