How Often Does My Yard Need Watered in Houston This Summer?

There are plenty of things that go into figuring out how often you should water your lawn in Houston during the summer. Before you set your sprinkler system to come on at specific times and days, make sure you check for any watering guidelines from your local municipality.

Sometimes, local areas will only be able to water on specific days, if it hasn’t rained much. Make sure you know the local ordinances and laws before going any further with this question.

As we provide the answer to the question of how often does your yard need to be watered in Houston this summer, you will need to adjust our recommendations to fit any watering restrictions in your area. We are making our recommendations based on no restrictions.

Watering Your Yard in Houston During the Summer

Before you water your lawn, it’s important to note a few things. Not all yards are the same. Some yards will absorb more water than others. Your summer watering schedule in Houston has balance timing, how much it has rained, local watering restrictions, and the amount of water applied each time you water.

When Should You Water?

The best time to water your lawn in Houston is between 4 am and 9 am. During this time, more water will be absorbed without the hot sun causing it to evaporate.

If you cannot water during the early morning hours or you prefer to water at a different time of the day, the early evening is best. This will ensure maximum absorbs ions since the sun will be setting and the temperature will start to cool off.

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Use Rain Sensors

Unless you really want to take the time to adjust your watering schedule when it rains, you should have rain sensors installed. With the right rain sensors, you won’t have to worry about overwatering when it rains.

Without rain sensors, you will need to pay attention to the weather. When it rains, you want to make sure you won’t also be watering your lawn. If it rains for about the same amount of time you water your yard, it can be counted as regular watering, especially if it rains close to the same time you water your grass.

Your Local Watering Restrictions

Some communities will only allow you to water your lawn on certain days of the week. Make sure you follow any local watering restrictions to ensure you don’t get in trouble.

Usually, these restrictions are put in place if it hasn’t rained much or there’s a shortage of water. You can check your city or county website for more information. Sometimes, your homeowner’s association will also have specific guidelines to follow.

The Volume of Water Applied

For most homeowners, watering your yard three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes is plenty. Experts typically recommend about 60 minutes of watering per week or 90 minutes if you’re in a more arid area.

You should monitor how the watering is impacting your yard and adjust accordingly. If you had a professional install your sprinkler system, they can provide a recommended watering schedule for you.

Use these tips to help ensure your yard gets enough water in Houston this summer. You will also want to make adjustments based on any fertilization you add to your lawn. Check the package to ensure you follow any instructions provided.