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Water conservation, specifically and outdoor water conservation means eliminating unnecessary watering using "Climate Controlled Irrigation".

The demand for improved water management is growing. Studies show the typical landscape receives twice the amount of water it needs to remain healthy. Climate conditions are the driving force that determines the amount of water that lawns and gardens require to be healthy. While conserving water you can save up to 60% on your water bill every year, creating more money in your pocket and reduces your water footprint.

Irrigation schedules are essential for effective landscape water management. We as water managers have a tool to generate accurate irrigation schedules. Irrigation schedules are based on:

  • Consider the needs of the landscape.
  • Respect the capabilities of the sprinkler system.
  • Respond to changes in the weather.

Water managers must account for many factors to prepare accurate schedules. 
OnSite helps you considers the following factors to assure plants get the right amount of water:

  • Plant type - plants use water at a varying rate.
  • Soil type - the soil is a reservoir to store essential nutrients and moisture.
  • Root Depth - Deep, healthy roots are essential for healthy beautiful plants.
  • Run-Off reductions can be managed with multiple cycles allowing the water to soak into the soil. Soil type, slope and sprinkler application rate is used by InSite to calculate cycle soak times.
  • Available Days - Facilities use, maintenance and local water restrictions determine available watering days.  InSite adapts to the available watering days.

Respect the capabilities of the sprinkler system OnSite irrigation schedules are tailored to sprinkler controller features and irrigation system performance.  There are three tools to calculate sprinkler precipitation rates:

  • Sprinkler Performance Tables – Select the sprinklers used in each zone from database of the major sprinkler manufacturers.  Enter the head spacing and the precipitation rate is calculated automatically.
  • Catch Can – Results of a catch can test can quickly be entered to calculate precipitation rates.
  • Drip Systems – A simple calculator can be used with drip zones.
  • Sprinkler coverage or distribution uniformity, affects the health of the landscape.  Poor uniformity causes dry-spots.  To compensate for weak coverage OnSite uses distribution uniformity to adjust valve run-time.

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In the State of Texas, irrigation is a licensed profession and only you or licensed professionals can work on your sprinkler system.


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